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Free-flow Payments

Choose a reliable parking payment provider. Embrace accessibility and collect payments from unregistered visitors with ease.

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Let Riverty assume the risk for customers who leave without paying.

Say goodbye to your concerns about customers leaving your barrier-free parking facilities without paying. With Riverty’s Free-flow Payments we assume the risk and secure payment, ensuring peace of mind for the parking operators.

More than four million Free-flow Payments invoices distributed annually is proof of our accountability as a parking payment provider. And we have experienced first-hand how free-flow parking not only improves accessibility, and therefore increase the number of visitors, it also reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the barriers.

Secure payment process for free-flow parking.

When an unregistered visitor leaves a parking facility without making a payment, the parking operator captures an image of the license plate with camera technology (ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

The next step is to have a cost-efficient process in place to identify the driver and collect the outstanding amount. This is where a parking payment provider such as Riverty plays a vital role.

Strategic collaborations with partners across Europe enable us to efficiently identify unregistered drivers. And as we purchase the outstanding claim you don’t need to worry about not getting paid.

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Receive full payment from Riverty, your parking payment provider.

Euro icon with check mark: Purchase the outstanding amount

1. We purchase the outstanding amount from you

We purchase the claim for the outstanding amount from the parking operator and take responsibility for the entire payment value chain. You get  paid for the parking fee in full, regardless of whether the visitor pays or not.

Communication icon: Communicate outstanding amount

2. We inform your customer about the outstanding amount

When we have identified the owner of the vehicle, we send the owner an overview with the outstanding amount. We handle customer services in case of any questions or complaints. 

Arrow to indicate: Avoid fee with pre-registration

3. Customers can pre-register with Consolidated Invoice

We can also provide a complementary payment product, the Consolidated Invoice, which offers an alternative in order to avoid incurring penalties. With the Consolidated Invoice, consumers can pre-register and avoid penalties. 

Safeguard your brand.

As a parking payment provider, we know the challenges that can arise when operators change to free-flow parking and customers risk a fee if they drive out without paying. But a penalty fee does not mean the end of a customer relationship if you maintain an open and respectful dialogue. Entrusting an external company to handle customer support serves as a shield to safeguard your brand when it comes to payment or penalty fees.

Rest assured, our broad-minded support team is equipped to handle complaints and answer difficult questions. We curate a customized FAQ catalog for each parking operator with pictures and information about local conditions at the facility, enabling us to deliver confident and authentic customer support.

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60+ parking operators rely on Riverty. We have a solid product.

Riverty has delivered reliable free-flow payments to parking operators for nearly a decade. Collaborating closely with our clients, we have continuously evolved our solid product. We integrate with the most common parking system providers in Europe and our extensive client list comprises over 60 parking operators across the Nordics, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Deep-dive into real stories from our Free-flow Payments customers.

Jan Arve Kaldheim, APCOA PARKING Norway

APCOA PARKING and Riverty’s success with Free-flow parking in Norway

Discover the story about APCOA PARKING Norway’s growth journey with Free-flow parking, and learn about the close collaboration they have forged with Riverty.

Frode Herland, COO, Hi Tech Mobility

Hi Tech Mobility and Riverty jointly provide Free-flow parking to 24 operators

Read about how the easy onboarding process and comprehensive industry knowledge have been crucial success factors to the collaboration. 

Mette K. L. Kristiansen, Operations Manager, Arendal Kommune

Arendal Kommune transformed productivity by switching payment provider

Find out why Arendal Kommune received far fewer inquiries from their customers when they changed free-flow payment provider to Riverty. 

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Data Security and Compliance: our certifications and memberships.

As a trusted financial service provider all over Europe, serving companies in a vast selection of industries, Riverty is committed to ensuring regulatory compliance and data security at all times. We hold the following certifications and memberships:

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