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Wherever life takes you, we’re here. Empower your finances.

Riverty is a new brand with big ambitions. We aim to be your financial voice of choice when you are looking for new ways to pay. We make your money matters fair, sustainable, and simple with Buy Now Pay Later Payment Methods, Parking Payment options, and Back in Flow is your compass in challenging situations. The Riverty name evokes the continuous and organic flow of a river, combined with a natural sense of liberty. It corresponds to the seamless flow of products and services we offer. Our aim is empowering you to make financially sustainable choices, to help you live your best financial life.

Your finances. Simplified.

Spread, pause or combine: Riverty’s payment methods help you enjoy online shopping in a safe and trusted space. You can choose how and when to pay. Parking Payments offer new ways to pay your parking ticket. However life is not easy at all times and paying outstandings can become more difficult. With Back in Flow we will help you manage your finances, repaying your outstanding debt and get financially back on track.

Received a message to pay?

Pay easy, safe and fast with Riverty. Get more information on the steps you need to take.

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Easily manage your online purchases and finances.

Image showing both Riverty Apps and QR-Codes that lead to the PlayStore and iOS Store.

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Discover how our apps can help you manage your online purchases and personal finances. We understand the importance of data security, which is why your information is fully protected at all times. Enjoy a smooth and secure financial journey with us.

Riverty App

Have you chosen Riverty as your payment method at checkout? Pay on the go, keep track of your purchases, and get payment reminders. Enjoy flexible ways to pay and pause anytime. More than 1.8 million downloads and counting.

*App is now available in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. For other regions please visit the MyRiverty online portal.

Riverty Back in Flow

Have you received a letter from us about settling your debts? If so, our App can help. Pay off debts, track your spending, and create a personalized savings plan. Manage your personal finances from the palm of your hand and get financially healthy. 

*App is only available in Germany. For Austria and the Netherlands, please visit Riverty Back in Flow. For Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, please visit mygothia.