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Consolidated invoice with riverty

Consolidated invoice

The consolidated invoice payment makes life less stressful for consumers by including several purchases in one invoice. This reduces the number of reminders sent and consumers’ effort, thereby increasing the frequency of purchases and your revenue.

Key facts about consolidated invoice

We create consolidated invoices for 2,5 million users a month.

Purchase frequency amps up with 15% for approximately 8 million purchases.

An average of 3 to 4 orders per invoice means less reminders to the consumer.

Benefits of consolidated invoice

Choose a payment method which makes life less stressful for your consumers

Higher order value

Having a buy now, pay later option positively impacts the average order value

Loyal consumers

Consolidated invoice combines orders, which leads to frequent purchases from loyal consumers

Increased revenue

Consumers experience less efforts to order with RIverty in your checkout, which lead to increased revenue

Riverty as best payment solution

Recognized as Best Payment Solution

This recognition highlights our relentless efforts to provide our merchants and their clients with the most convenient and user-friendly payment solutions. 

The E-Commerce Germany Award celebrates innovation and excellence in addressing the practical challenges faced by merchants, retailers, and brands. It honours innovative solutions that redefine the way businesses process transactions. 

The jury recognized Riverty’s approach to enhancing the payment process for merchants and creating a seamless experience for consumers with its BNPL solutions. The goal: a customer-friendly payment experience post-checkout.

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Our product features

Service Details

Geographic coverage

DACH, Nordics, Netherlands, Belgium

Communication channels

E-mail, app, web portal, phone, chat, chatbot, social

Customer self-service options

App, web portal

Reliable merchant support

8h-17h phone support, merchant portal, 24/7 monitoring service

Financing & Risk

We always pay out the full amount to you across all payment methods and take over the risk of payment default.

Other Riverty payment options

A payment method for every need that suits to your business

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