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Have you received a message from us? Your reference number gives you access to the self-service portal. Find your solution here.


We are your compass

Sometimes the world is confusing. Life can take unexpected turns. This also applies to personal finances. We help you keep an overview and show you the paths you can take.

Suitable for you.

We take into account what's on your mind. And how you prefer to communicate. Together we will find a path towards financial freedom that suits you.

Simply digital.

Pay your arrears digitally. Choose your preferred payment method from many different options. Keep an overview, clarify open questions! Handle everything online - via our self-service portal. Quick, easy and secure.

Reliably fair.

Complicated? Not with us! Together with you we will find fair solutions. We don't promise that it's always easy - but we stand firmly by your side and accompany you to the goal.


Have you received a message from us?

We come into play when you have used a service from a company and the bill is still outstanding. If this company instructs us, we as a financial expert will contact you. Our goal is to understand the reasons for the payment default and to work with you to find a solution. Only if we understand what is bothering you, can we help you. Approach us - get in touch directly!

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Understand what it is all about!

Even though we always summarise the most important information in our messages to you, there still may be open questions from your side. In our self-service portal you can check the current status and the amount of the claim at any time. In your personal area you can send us messages and upload documents. There is a solution for everything!

Take the first step

Settle your debt now

Advantages of online payment via our self-service portal: Select your preferred payment method. Immediately after sending the payment, the information will be recorded in our system. Don't delay - don't miss a deadline!

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Find an individual solution!

Every situation is unique and needs an individual approach. Find out about your options in our self-service portal and choose the one that suits you best. This could be, for example, an instalment payment that suits your financial situation. One thing is important: reaching your goal must be realistic and feasible for you. Take your first step now!

Trust is not just a promise

Together we stand for serious and fair receivables management.


Federal Association of German Collection Agencies

As a leading company in European receivables management, we shape the industry - and also live up to this role in the German association with other debt collection companies. 


Federation of European National Collection Associations

The European debt collection association FENCA takes care of the exchange between the EU, companies and consumers. We also contribute there. 


Dutch association of certified debt collection companies (NVI)

We are a member of the NVI. This membership stands for "Socially Responsible Debt Collection. As a member of the NVI, we adhere to the NVI Code of Conduct.


Debt Collection Hallmark

As a member of the NVI, we are also holders of the Incasso Keurmerk (last certificate January 2020). The Debt Collection Hallmark gives confidence and assurance that debt collection activities are carried out correctly and carefully.


Have you received a message from us?

Your reference number gives you access to the self-service portal. Find your solution here.

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Gain an overview of the options that Riverty Back in Flow offers you. Here you will find answers to your questions.

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