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Ticket Payments for Public Transport

Upgrade your payment experience: Seamless transactions and exceptional customer service for your ticket app

Take the next step towards public transport payments!

Discover our unmatched advantages for app payments

Choose the unrivaled solution for public transport payment processing. We are the ultimate choice for ensuring the best experience for your passengers.


Dynamic, seamless, innovative

With our extensive e-commerce background, we bring a wealth of expertise to the public transport realm, constantly introducing new features and expanding payment options. Through our continuous release cycle, our latest advancements are quickly made available to you, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technological innovation.


Putting consumers first

Experience a reliable infrastructure designed to effortlessly handle peak loads, providing uninterrupted service also during high-demand periods. Ensure that passengers always have the ability to purchase tickets. We provide unparalleled customer care. Our support is always available to assist you through chatbot, comprehensive FAQs, and phone support.


Embrace simplicity

Let us streamline your business processes. From implementing Direct Debit to operating a specialized debt collection system. Concentrate on what you do best, and trust us with the rest.

Maximize your public transport journey with our feature benefits 

Designed with your needs in mind, our product will not only streamline your operations but also elevate the satisfaction of your passengers. By partnering with us, you're choosing a future of growth and success.

Secure and Diverse Payment Solutions for Transport Apps

Factoring with all relevant payment methods

Mitigate risk and enhance payment experience. We offer relevant payment methods, e.g. Direct Debit, PayPal and Apple Pay, providing secure transactions for ticket apps.

Merchant portal with real-time information on ticket payments

Efficiency through our Merchant Portal

Our merchant portal provides real-time information and streamlined workflows. Use it as a self-service tool to maintain an overview of ticket statuses and gain valuable insights into Pay Page activity.

Riverty Public Transport App

Customizable Paypage

Our Paypage seamlessly integrates into your app, maintaining the look and feel of your brand. Your customers will enjoy a frictionless purchasing journey, while meeting accessibility standards with clear fonts and optional text-to-speech functionality.

Simplicity in your app

Transform your payment experience and unlock new possibilities.

Effortless compatibility: Enhance your tech stack

Adopting a new system shouldn't require to overhaul your existing tech stack. That's why we've designed our product to smoothly interface with your current infrastructure. This way, you can effortlessly integrate our solution into your operations, and enhance functionality without disrupting workflows. Our ticketing system works in harmony with your technology, ensuring a smooth transition and setting the stage for elevated efficiency and productivity.

Effortless Integration: eos.uptrade and Our Service

Seamless integration with eos.uptrade

Integrate our service effortlessly with eos.uptrade. Enjoy the convenience of a pre-integrated API, eliminating additional integration costs.

Unleash Payment Possibilities: Embracing Flexibility and Customer Preferences

All desired payment methods are covered

Expand your payment range with our comprehensive contract that covers all your preferred payment methods. Embrace flexibility and respond to your customers' preferences with ease.

Robust Data Security: Safeguarding Your Information with Certified Cloud Solutions

Certified data protection

With our secure and certified cloud-based solution, data protection is our priority. Rest assured as we adhere to the Bertelsmann IT Security and hold ISO 27001 certification.

Regulatory Compliance: Our Commitment to BAFIN Standards

Operating within legal framework

Gain peace of mind as we strictly adhere to BAFIN regulations, upholding transparency, security, and integrity in all our financial services.

Effortless migration in 4 easy steps!

Efficiently manage your project with the support and guidance of our dedicated project lead. Smooth progress and effective project coordination from start to finish.

Streamlined Project Migration: Effortlessly Navigate 4 Simple Steps

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