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Parking Payment Solutions

Guaranteed payment. Predictable cashflow.
For your parking business.

Parking payments simplified

Riverty understands the importance of providing seamless parking payment solutions for parking operators and their consumers. As a trusted payment provider for car park payment, working with the most influential parking operators in Europe, we are committed to driving innovation and shape the future of parking payments with our partners.

We advocate moderate payment fees instead of high penalties. We provide situation-based and country-specific fee models. We take care of consumers throughout the full payment value chain for parking - including online payment, invoicing, financing, dunning, and debt collection.

Getting the most out of Riverty

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Secure your cash flow

By selling parking invoices to Riverty, parking operators and app providers enjoy guaranteed payments and a more predictable cash flow. Automate the payment process to prevent unauthorized parking and stop customers from leaving without paying.

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Reduce costs in operations

Eliminate invoice administration and payment-related customer support. We offer a low-cost payment alternative for the parking operator and app provider.

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Grow internationally

Riverty can help parking operators and other companies within the parking industry to grow internationally. We have in-house payment and collection services across the Nordics, in the Netherlands and in the DACH-region, and we have payment and collection partners all over Europe.

Our products

Designed to meet your challenges.

Free-flow payments

With our payment solution for car park payment and anpr parking, operators are guaranteed payment. Riverty buys the invoice and takes over the customer payment lifecycle.

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Monthly invoice for parking

With our monthly invoice / direct debit product, parking app providers can offer a new and easy way to pay - fully integrated in their app. Consolidate parking transactions into a monthly (digital) invoice. Make life less stressful for your customers.

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Debt collection for parking

We handle debt collection for more than 60 parking operators in Europe. Our individual approach ensures fair and sustainable debt collection and strengthens the customer relationship.

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Parking payment solutions: Successes with our clients and partners



By partnering with Riverty, Easypark is able to expand their range of payment methods and increase the user-friendliness of their service.

APCOA Parking


APCOA and Riverty joined forces to develop a new payment solution for barrier-free parking. A successful innovation securing business growth for APCOA.

Arendal Parkering

Reduce enquiries

Arendal Parkering achieved a drastic reduction in customer enquiries and complaints when changing financial partner to Riverty.

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Trusted financial partner to the parking industry

We work with more than 60 parking operators and other companies in the parking industry across Europe.

Our partner: APCOA Parking

APCOA wants to grow and expand their reach beyond Norway. We help enable this - as we did with our collaboration for anpr parking payments. We adapt and develop new solutions that respond to their needs - and yours.

Meet our experts at an event!

We attend parking events across Europe and host our own events too. Meet us there!

Parken, Wiesbaden

Svepark, Karlstad

Norpark, Trondheim
People walking in an office building with an escalator

Parken, Wiesbaden

More than 1,500 parking professionals gather in Wiesbaden, Germany

Parken 2023 is one of the largest and most influential trade fairs for the planning, construction and operation of parking areas in Europe. This year, it will be held on 28-29 June at the RheinMain CongressCenter. More than 1,500 professional visitors and over 110 exhibitors will come together to get updated on the newest trends in the industry.

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Svepark, Karlstad

Sweden’s best place to meet and discuss parking and mobility topics

The Swedish Parking Association's annual industry conference. This year, it takes place in Karlstad.



Woman in a parked car looking on her phone

Norpark, Trondheim

Parkeringskonferansen: The annual industry event for parking professionals in Norway

The Norwegian Parking Association's annual industry conference. This year, it takes place in Trondheim.



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