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Charged up for the future: IONITY and Riverty in the European fast lane

Europe's leading fast charging network for electric vehicles is owned by IONITY. As a competent partner and co-driver, Riverty takes care of the complex billing processes. As a team on the home stretch.

“With our services, we want to map IONITY's B2C and B2B transactions in Europe and reduce IT complexity and IT processes. Our common goal is to simplify workflows and increase the satisfaction of IONITY's customers.”
Markus Ruppel

Markus Ruppel

Global Key Account Manager for IONITY at Riverty

Charging power for driving pleasure: customers benefit internationally

IONITY is a joint venture by many of the biggest automotive manufacturers. IONITY has been operating high-performance charging networks for electric vehicles since 2017. These are available to drivers in 24 European countries along the highways. Currently, there are round about 600 charging parks with more than 3.300 charging points. The high charging power makes it possible to recharge vehicle batteries in the shortest possible time. With electricity that can be generated from renewable energies. For Co2-neutral driving.


IONITY and Riverty: green driving and consistent transactions

Charging electric cars internationally. Quickly and easily. In 24 European countries and in nine different currencies. Customers can pay for charging their electric cars simply and even contactlessly. Not an easy task to handle because the cross-border billing processes are highly complex. But their success proves them right. Since its inception, IONITY has built the largest, fastest and most sustainable highway charging network. As a result, the company is putting skeptics' concerns about long-distance electric vehicle travel in the rearview mirror.

IONITY didn't have to look far to find a strategic and reliable partner that could handle both B2C and B2B transactions. The view was clear: with Riverty. Therefore, Riverty has already been supporting the B2C business with its digital solution Accounting as a Service since mid-2021. It automates time-consuming tasks in accounts receivable management. This results in significantly lower cost and faster processing.

Easy to charge, easy to pay: all from a single source

In 2017, IONITY planned to set up hundreds of charging parks in various countries within a short period of time. The use of Accounting as a Service simplifies the complexities of cross-border billing in any language and in any country. This enables easy payment processes at charging stations across Europe. Advantage for customers: They can pay conveniently with their credit card and NFC contactless, or as a registered driver with a discount pass.

Riverty's Accounting as a Service handles subscription management and customer contract management for IONITY, as well as accounts receivable management and dunning. All from one hand. Since August 2023, Riverty additionally supports IONITY's B2B division, proving the all-encompassing solution. They offer business customers an easy way to charge their electric cars. By sending a monthly collective invoice to the employer. This enables companies to promote sustainable employee mobility within the organization.

With Riverty, IONITY continues to step on the gas on the race track to success. Together, as a well-coordinated team. Planning to standardize complex financial processes across Europe and harmonize interfaces. For unrestricted and long-lasting driving pleasure – and for satisfied drivers of private and company cars.

The key achievements at a glance:

Market potential and dynamic growth:

2,684 charging stations

in cooperation with Riverty

IONITY's B2C customers, who can conveniently

pay in 9 European currencies

with Riverty's Accounting as a Service

Riverty supports approximately

7,000 active users

in IONITY's customer contract management

Riverty is mapping IONITY's B2B business in accounting for about

90 %

of IONITY's transaction volume

Enter international markets safely – the future of electric vehicle

 The successful partnership between Riverty and IONITY not only makes it possible to charge batteries in electric vehicles in a short time and pay for it the easy way. The fast charging power also ensures greater customer satisfaction. And more sales in Europe.

The goals for the coming months:

  • The first is to expand the fast charging network for electric vehicles. There are currently 82 charging stations under construction across Europe.
  • The second is the expansion of the cooperation and the addition of further services from Riverty to the product range. The tuning includes Riverty's dunning for IONITY's B2C and B2B customers.
  • The third is to expand the dunning system to include the Riverty paypage in all 24 countries. This will provide customers with additional payment options. For a fair and sustainable approach. Enabling long-term customer relationships.

From now on, it's all about looking ahead and breaking the sound barrier with success.

“Over the past few years, we have experienced great teamwork in a challenging environment. Riverty has already convinced us as a strong partner in the B2C business. Now we want to stay in the fast lane and map our entire accounting business with Riverty.”
Ionity testimonial

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