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Panel Manager: simplifying multi-partner debt collection

With the Panel Manager you can manage and distribute cases easily between multiple debt collection agencies via one benchmarking platform.

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Benchmark your debt collection performance

Do you want to improve recovery rates and shorten the turnaround time for your debt collection? By engaging multiple debt collection agencies, you can improve your performance. This is exactly what the Panel Manager makes possible. With the transparent benchmark reporting dashboard, you can quickly deploy and adjust your collection strategies with your partners.

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Efficiency upgrade with the Panel Manager

Leave complex processes to us: Benefit from the Panel Manager’s centralized management, secure & simple IT infrastructure and the comprehensive reporting dashboard.

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One platform for all

The Panel Manager serves as a single point of contact – for you as the client and all partner agencies. 

  • One API for secure onboarding and data flow 
  • No extra costs for adding additional agencies
  • Leverage from our network of partner agencies

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Transparency at a glance

With the automated interface, you can easily check the performance in a personal reporting dashboard.

  • Performance benchmark of all connected debt collection agencies
  • Review KPIs like success rates and turnaround time
  • Data driven and randomized portfolio splitting 

Streamline multi-partner debt collection with the Panel Manager

Let’s discuss your debt collection strategy and goals – and find a solution for continuous improvement.

Why the Panel Manager pays off for your collection processes

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Better performance

Improve your success rates and turnaround times. The Panel Manager enables you to adjust your debt collection strategy.

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Reduced dependency

Working with one debt collection agency isn't optimal for you? Introducing further agencies reduces dependency on one partner.

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Maximized efficiency

Leave complex processes to us! With the Panel Manager you minimize your costs, administrative and legal efforts.

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Ensured scalability

Multi-partner debt collection made easy! Leverage from our network of partner agencies and add additional agencies - for no extra costs.

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Step by step: how the Panel Manager works

  1. You securely transfer open receivables and additional information to the Panel Manager.
  2. The Panel Manager conducts a sanity check of the transferred data.
  3. The platform distributes the portfolio according to adaptable shares, preset allocation rules and a fair random distribution.
  4. Cases are allocated to connected agencies and directed relevant claim information to appropriate partners on a daily basis.
  5. Partners report results and case status back to the Panel Manager overnight.
  6. The data gets consolidated and reported to you and the Panel through the intuitive Online Dashboard.

Your route to success: integrate and onboard Riverty’s collection products

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Personal support:

At Riverty, you will have a direct contact from our key account management team to assist with contracting, onboarding and product support.

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Effective action plan:

Together with you, we define a detailed plan for the product integration - with precise timings and regular reviews.

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IT infrastructure:

Our debt collection products can be easily integrated to your and your partners IT infrastructure - via one API. This guarantees a seamless IT implementation.

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Dedicated trainings:

Riverty organises trainings and onboarding material to teach employees the product functions and how to make the most out of it.

Reach out to optimize your debt collection strategy!

Are you ready to take control of you multi-partner debt collection? Then it’s time to work with the Panel Manager.

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