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Why do we need a new generation of financial services?

We live in an incredibly fast-paced, interconnected world and the last two years and months have shown us how quickly the fundamentals can change. Acceleration of online sales and contactless pay, volatile interest rates, rising energy prices and inflated valuations on the stock markets are outcomes directly impacting our industry, to name only a few.

Teresa Schlichting | Jun 3, 2022 5 min
Why do we need a new generation of financial services?

Financial Services need to keep up with fast-paced ecosystem developments

We are convinced that this VUCA world calls for a new generation of financial services. Services that keep up with the fast-paced developments of our customers' ecosystems, that support them in profiting from changing consumer behaviors in various life areas. No matter if they want to change mobility forever like Lynk & Co, if they want to increase online sales by 40% in one year as part of their strategy program #FORWARDBEAUTY.DigitalFirst. like Douglas or if a whole market decides to rethink the customer journey in parking by introducing Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR) as currently happening in Norway.

At the same time, enabling our clients to ease check-outs or complete broken transactions in the post-purchase phase is not the complete answer. Financial products need to enlarge the brand equity of our clients and partners even further. It is not the need to pay or to consume that drives consumers, it is their aim to commute sustainably or to wear a new fragrance (to stay in the examples above). It is their wish to live their lives and pursue their own passions. This is why financial products need to go beyond the payment experience and help consumers to live their best (financial) life without losing track of their spending and personal finances in the flood of emails, WhatsApp messages and wallet push notifications announcing deliveries, return notifications, open invoices, and outstanding refunds.

Co-create the next generation of financial services

Besides our belief that future FinTech products will seamlessly manage the cash flows of every user we believe in honest, fair economic practice and trustful, long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure sustainable growth. Therefore, we are co-creating the future ecosystems together with our customers, developing the best services for the consumers entrusted to our care. We support consumer journeys that foster retention, improve the brand experience, and ensure sustainable growth rates for our clients.

FinTech products need to serve our customers and consumers alike

As a FinTech we want to make a difference by improving our payment products every day so that users can realize their ideas and follow their passion without getting into excessive debt. And as our product entails the complete value chain, we also make sure that consumers are treated with respect and fairness when something unforeseen happens, showing them ways and means of regaining their financial freedom as quickly as possible and preserving it sustainably in the future.

The journey towards integrating our products and tech stacks even further, improving our existing client relationships and building on new partnerships based on the joint believes just started. We are eager to move forward day by day.

Coming up: How did we kick-off our transformation process to become the most human-centric FinTech?