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The Car Park of the Future: Vision or Fantasy?

Do you remember flying cars, the integral part of futuristic visions that unfortunately have not found their way in our everyday lives, yet? Should we dismiss the idea of a futuristic parking lot as just another science fiction dream? Consumers are the ultimate barometer of innovation. Their preferences will ultimately determine our future – and the future of parking. In the fourth article of our series about the Riverty survey “Future of Parking”, we think outside the box imagining a parking garage that is truly according to the customer's wishes.

Jul 3, 2024
Parking of the future

Consumer-Driven Innovation: Shaping the Future

Imagine a world where no one loses tickets or must search for change anymore. A world where parking spaces have no barriers, where you just pull up to a sleek, modern parking facility. No need for a ticket machine – your car is identified via automatic license plate recognition (ANPR). Seamlessly enter and park, guided by a network of intelligent sensors that direct you to an available space. Comfort and a seamless parking experience alongside the integration of the newest mobile parking payment method and the removal of parking barriers. This is the vision behind the development of free-flow parking, a technology that is widely established in Europe already, especially in the Nordics. But barrier-free parking is also gaining ground in the DACH region. 

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Beyond Convenience: Sustainability and User Experience 

That’s not all. The car park of the future prioritizes sustainability. Imagine a facility powered by renewable energy sources, with charging stations readily available for electric vehicles. Sustainability extends beyond the environment – think integrated car washes utilizing recycled water, or even on-site greenery offering a refreshing escape from the urban jungle. The future car park can meet the drivers’ needs. Imagine pre-booking your parking space through a user-friendly app, receiving real-time updates on availability, and navigating effortlessly with integrated wayfinding systems. This interconnected experience could even extend to seamless payment integration with your digital wallet. 

Futuristic Picture, a Bit Over the Top? Not Quite. 

But is that the future or already reality? While flying cars may still be relegated to sci-fi movies, many elements of this futuristic car park are already technologically feasible. The key lies in harnessing existing technologies like ANPR, sensor networks, and connected car platforms to create a truly user-centric experience. Though, creativity, new technologies, inventions and the needs for a modern, urban, car-free city landscape will certainly impact the future of parking spaces.  

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The Road Ahead: A Collaborative Journey

And that’s not all. Building the car park of the future requires collaboration between technology providers, parking operators, and most importantly, consumers. By listening to user preferences and harnessing innovative solutions, we can transform today's parking frustrations into a seamless and even enjoyable experience. So, is the car park of the future just a fantasy? Not at all. It's a vision driven by consumer needs, fueled by innovation, and ready to become a reality on our streets. Curious to know more? Riverty’s survey of the “Future of Parking” provides interesting insides into the latest consumer preferences and market developments in parking with focus on the Nordics and the DACH region.  

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In our comprehensive mobility study, we cover insights from 6000 participants across seven countries in the Nordics and DACH. Discover how the landscape of parking is evolving in response to technological advancements and changing consumer preferences.

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