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Riverty-Study: Two-thirds of people in major European countries call for Free-Flow Parking

63% of consumers in major countries in Europe want Free-Flow Parking – and 66 % of consumers would sign up for Free-Flow, driven by convenience. These are the results of a study on free-flow parking systems and customer parking preferences that Riverty, a leading FinTech company, today revealed at the Intertraffic in Amsterdam in partnership with Odyssee Research.

Apr 16, 2024
Man and Women using free-flow parking

This sneak peek into the research highlights the transformative potential of removing traditional parking barriers, offering a glimpse into a future where urban mobility is seamless and efficient.

The study, which surveyed more than 5,750 participants in seven countries, outlines the inefficiency of current parking systems, where despite a 98% payment compliance rate, outdated barriers continue to impede urban flow. This calls for an innovative approach, with free-flow parking systems identified as a key solution to streamline vehicle movement and an easier parking experience.

Consumer Frustrations and Innovations

In regions that are behind in adopting free-flow systems, such as Germany, up to 55% of drivers face significant parking challenges. These include the need for exact change, limited card payment options, and restrictive operational hours. Therefore, almost two thirds (65 %) of the German target group would prefer free-flow solutions. Similar numbers are reported from Austria and Switzerland, where only 34% and 31% of parking spots feature free-flow parking. The study also reports that in countries with established free-flow parking systems, customers report significantly less of the issues they identified before.  Highlighting the success of these systems, the study points to the Nordic countries as frontrunners, where free-flow parking is not only well-established but takes pole position with high average availability of over 60 %[1].

The Clear Preference for Free-Flow Parking

The study further reveals a notable preference for free-flow parking among 63% of respondents. This reflects a broad demand for more innovative, user-friendly parking solutions. Additionally, a shift in consumer behavior is evident with 59% favoring post-payment options, indicating a trend towards more flexible and convenient parking payment methods.

Vision for the Future

Riverty's insights suggest that the future of parking extends beyond mere vehicle storage. Free-flow parking systems could transform parking facilities into multifunctional service hubs, offering additional services such as electric vehicle charging and advance booking. This evolution towards smart, service-oriented parking spaces aligns with the wishes of the customers as, according to the study, two thirds prefer free-flow-parking solutions.


[1] Free-flow parking availability: Sweden 57%, Norway 73%, Denmark 63%, Finland 52%, Germany 35%, Austria 34%, Switzerland 31%.

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