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Debtor Subledger 

Record all sales-related transactions (e.g., invoices, returns, credits, shipping costs, vouchers, Giftcards, …) with the corresponding VAT on debtor accounts. 


Booking Settlement Files 

Automatically receive, process, and book payment settlement files from payment providers via file or API. 

Payment Allocation 

Automatically allocate received payments from settlement files/APIs and bank statements to open items. Manual clarification in case of incorrect references or other exceptions. 


Payment Reconciliation 

Ensure all open items are paid, all refunds are made and all chargebacks and the like are booked. Fully book payment settlements from various providers and reconcile the net amounts with your bank account. Make sure, that payment providers fees are deducted correctly. 


Commercial Dunning 

Manage the entire dunning process, from digital payment reminders to final written notices, with customizable processes and texts for different customer groups. Available in multiple languages, with all parameters, like dunning fees, configurable. 


Debt Collection Transfer 

Transfer overdue receivables to our internal Riverty debt collection service, known for its customer-friendly approach. Our goal is to reintegrate debtors into the economic cycle. 


Processing Collection Settlement 

Automatically process all settlements for collected receivables, write-offs including VAT correction, court costs, expenses, and country-specific details. 



Book returns and credits, including full or partial refunds to customers, up to the amount of the credit, with quality assurance. Ensure that your end consumers get their money back reliably and fast. 



Perform write-offs e.g., for discontinued collection procedures, product losses, or goodwill credits. 


White Label Paypage 

Allow end customers to quickly and easily pay their outstanding receivables through a customizable pay page that supports local payment methods. Customers can view their outstanding items in real-time and decide which and how to pay. 


Exception Handling 

Our automation rate exceeds 99%. Our team monitors all technical and business processes and resolves issues to ensure smooth operations.  

General Ledger 


Consolidation on General Ledger Accounts 

Aggregate all transactions general ledger accounts for your consolidated financial reporting. 


Automatic Accruals 

Automatically handle accruals and deferrals for services rendered over multiple periods, such as subscriptions. 


Month-End Closing 

Provide a comprehensive month-end close, delivered via API, SAP iDOC, SFTP server, or email. 


Mapping to Individual Chart of Accounts 

Assign and transfer accounts from a general chart of accounts to your specific, customized chart of accounts.

Invoicing (Optional)


Generate White Label Invoices 

Create customer invoices in the name of your company, customized with your logo and brand language. 


Archiving and Sending 

Send invoices directly to end customers by email or receive it via API notification and archive them for easy access via web link. 

Debt Collection  


Out of Court 

Collect outstanding receivables using different, target- and country-specific channels like letters, emails, phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp and customer portals, allowing customers to resolve their outstanding payments in a customer-centric approach. 


In Court 

If out-of-court efforts fail, proceed with legal actions such as obtaining a legal title or initiating lawsuits to enforce claims, tailored to each country’s requirements. 


Long-Term Monitoring 

Continuously monitor titled receivables and ensure they are settled when the debtor can pay. 



Carry out country-specific enforcement measures according to defined rules, as required. 

Quality and Certifications

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through annual external certifications.

ISAE-3402 Type II

An internationally recognized standard for evaluating the effectiveness of internal control systems at service companies.

Ensure that service companies have appropriate controls to minimize risks and protect data integrity.
Our customers can use the annual Type II report we provide to avoid time-consuming audits. The auditors can just reference the report we provide


An international standard for information security management, defining requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information by systematically managing risks.


An international standard for quality management systems (QMS), ensuring that products and services meet customer and regulatory requirements and are continuously improved.

Improve business process efficiency and effectiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and promote continuous organizational improvement.