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Riverty & Adyen: Grow your business with BNPL payments

Riverty’s popular flexible payment options 14-Day Invoice and Direct Debit are available to add to your checkout via Adyen’s (PSP) all-in-one financial technology platform.

How Riverty’s popular flexible payment options looks on mobile

Boost conversion,
AOV and consumer loyalty, risk-free.

Elevate your customer's shopping experience with Riverty’s sought-after Buy Now, Pay Later options, available via Adyen's top-tier financial technology platform in the Netherlands, Belgium and DACH**. Adyen, a leading PSP and long-term Riverty partner, offers businesses a holistic solution that includes end-to-end payment processes and financial management.  

Together with Adyen, we ensure efficient and secure transactions for your webshop while fostering trust and ease for your customers through Riverty’s BNPL payment options:  

  • Boost conversion by up to 15% 
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by up to 16% 
  • Increase consumer retention by up to 20% 

** Launch in 2024

Benefit from Riverty’s and Adyen’s collaboration.

Elevate growth, build a sustainable business, and streamline operations with Riverty's and Adyen's partnership. Integrating Riverty through Adyen’s financial technology platform is more than adding another payment method; it is an impactful long-term strategy that helps your business achieve its ambitions faster.

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Grow faster

Our partnership prioritizes merchant growth, offering flexible payment solutions to expand your customer base, boost sales, and enhance (international) market presence, while focusing on adaptability and success. 

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Build a sustainable business

Riverty and Adyen advocate for ethical business, combining financial well-being tools and environmental and social responsibility. Together, we build consumer trust and support merchants’ sustainable growth. 

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Connect with ease

Adding Riverty to your checkout via Adyen is accomplished through a straightforward, user-friendly process, enabling efficient transaction management and enhancing customer experience.

Let us create the best BNPL experience together

Dive in with 'Get Started' to integrate Riverty's solutions via Adyen, enhancing your payment process and customer journey. Or, delve into our 'Developer Portal' for detailed guides and support to empower your development team.

Riverty’s payment methods available via Adyen

Consumers experience a streamlined checkout process and heightened trust with Riverty's payment methods available via Adyen in the Netherlands, Belgium and DACH**. Our payment options prioritize ease and reliability in the consumer journey, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.

14-Day Invoice

A seamless, try-before-you-buy experience, enhancing average order values, and conversion. Includes protection for merchants and no minimum basket value.

Secured Direct Debit

A trusted and reassuring payment option for consumers, particularly for recurring payments, with the convenience of handled mandates and no concerns about chargebacks. 

Create a seamless, easy payment experience with Riverty

Image shows how the customer journey looks in mobile

Fast checkout

After adding products to their cart, shoppers experience a streamlined, intuitive and fast checkout. Customers receive a detailed summary of their order after every purchase. 

Purchase shown in the Riverty app

Easy payment tracking

View purchases and oversee financial commitments in the Riverty app. A user-friendly and transparent tool with easy reminders and payment changes. 

Best-in-class 4.8 star app

Best-in-class 4.8 star app

With over 2 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating on the Apple store, Riverty's app is a top choice among European consumers. 

Integrate easily via Adyen

With the integration between your webshop and Adyen in place, adding Riverty is just a matter of a few simple steps. Enrich your customer experience with the reliability and versatility of Riverty’s services, all effortlessly accessible within your current Adyen infrastructure.


Get answers quickly.

We are committed to ensuring you have a successful journey with Riverty and Adyen. Have questions about our products, availability, pricing or the integration? Let us know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Riverty offer in terms of pricing?

Fees associated with Riverty vary depending on the product and services chosen. Specific details can be obtained by contacting a Riverty representative.

What payment methods​ does Riverty support?

Riverty supports various payment methods including credit cards, direct debits, mobile wallets, and more, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences.

How does Riverty​ handle fraud?

Our system provides real-time fraud management by syncing key platforms. Changes in fraud status prompt immediate alerts, ensuring efficient case management, streamlined reporting, and early detection of fraud patterns to minimize losses. Details about costs are available by contacting a Riverty representative.

Does Riverty offer partial captures?

Riverty offers partial capture functionality, providing merchants with the flexibility to handle item returns or stock issues. This feature enables merchants to modify orders or ship items in several deliveries without the need to cancel and reprocess the whole transaction.

Can Riverty handle international transactions and support multiple currencies?

Yes, Riverty can handle international transactions and supports multiple currencies, providing a truly global payment solution.

How secure is Riverty’s ​payment infrastructure and ​the REST API?

Riverty's payment infrastructure is highly secure, implementing top-tier encryption through the REST API, adhering to industry standards and regulations for maximum protection.

Does Riverty provide analytics ​and reporting features?

Riverty provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, enabling merchants to monitor performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

What kind of support ​ can we expect from Riverty?

Support from Riverty includes dedicated customer service and (technical) support teams, who work closely with you to ensure success and satisfaction.