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Increasing e-commerce security: The essential guide to Strong Customer Authentication

For e-commerce businesses securing online transactions is more than a priority — it's a necessity. And Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) can be a game-changer in boosting transaction security. It's here to make digital shopping safer for everyone. Let's dive into how SCA not only protects but also empowers e-commerce businesses and their customers.

Mar 15, 2024 3 min
A hand making an online purchase with Strong Customer Authentication on a phone

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Imagine a world where every online payment is as secure as a fortress. That's the promise of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). It's all about confirming that the person making the transaction is, without a doubt, the rightful owner of the account. SCA does this by combining something you know (like a password), something you have (such as your phone), and something you are (think fingerprints or facial recognition).

This approach is backed by laws like the PSD2 in the European Union, ensuring your online shopping is safeguarded at every turn. By weaving together these elements, SCA crafts a shield against unauthorized access, making digital payments secure and stress-free.

SCA's significance for e-commerce businesses

SCA is not just another hurdle. It's an opportunity for e-commerce platforms to shine by demonstrating their commitment to customer safety. Yes, integrating SCA means adding a few extra steps to the checkout process. But it's all about striking the right balance. The goal is to weave SCA into the customer's journey so seamlessly that it feels like part of the service, not an obstacle. It's about ensuring that every transaction is safe without compromising on the smooth, hassle-free shopping experience your customers love.


The benefits of SCA for e-commerce

Adopting Strong Customer Authentication is like opening a door to a world of trust. It reassures customers that their transactions are in safe hands, boosting their confidence in your business. And when customers feel secure, their loyalty deepens. But there's more. SCA also paves the way for smoother, quicker checkouts with modern verification methods like biometrics, turning security into a seamless part of the shopping experience.

Tips to prepare for SCA  

For e-commerce businesses, adopting SCA is a step towards a more secure future. Start by looking at the most user-friendly authentication options. Your goal is to integrate SCA so smoothly into the shopping experience that your customers hardly notice it's there.

And for the shoppers out there, getting to know these new authentication will help you have a smooth, secure online shopping experience. Whether it's setting up biometric verification or a unique PIN, learning the ropes now will make every future transaction better.

Wrapping up, Strong Customer Authentication is not just a regulatory tick-box. It's a commitment to providing a secure, trustworthy shopping environment for your customers. By adopting SCA, you're not only meeting legal requirements; you're also showing that you care about your customers' security and their overall shopping experience.