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Collaborating with a Shopware Gold Partner: A Win-Win for your Webshop

Exciting news for Shopware merchants! Riverty, one of Europe’s biggest BNPL providers and part of the Bertelsmann group, is proud to announce that we are now a Shopware Gold Partner within the Shopware ecosystem. This recognition signifies our commitment to providing Shopware merchants with performance enhancing Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions.

Apr 9, 2024 4 min
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Shopware Gold Partner: What does that mean for you?  

The Shopware Gold Partner status demonstrates how Shopware officially recognizes our services adding real value to Shopware merchants and their customers. It is also meant as a recommendation to use Riverty as a BNPL payment method. But the benefits go beyond trust and reputation.   

Working with a Shopware Gold Partner like Riverty also means working with a trustworthy and reliable partner that enables your business to increase sales by creating an outstanding customer experience. The benefits include secure and reliable customer communication through the entire payment flow, from invoicing to a clear and friendly reminder process, frictionless accounting by acquiring every purchase while overseeing the financial flow and facilitating easier reconciliation than other BNPL methods.  

Why choose Riverty for your Shopware webshop? 

Trusted by over 6,000 merchants, used by 26 million consumers and processing 80 million transactions, Riverty stands out as a reliable partner in the financial sector. Our suite of flexible Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment options, including 14-day Invoice, direct debit, and Pay-in-3 plans, caters to diverse consumer needs, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Backed by the robust support and decades-long financial expertise of Bertelsmann, Riverty is a trusted European player committed to elevating your e-commerce business to new heights.   

In addition, Riverty stands out as a BNPL partner who puts your brand at the forefront throughout your customers’ shopping experience, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty. Here are more reasons why Riverty is the perfect BNPL partner for your Shopware store: 

  • Offer Popular Payment Methods: Provide your customers with the flexibility they crave through popular options like 14-day Invoice, Fixed Installments, and Direct Debit.
  • Boost Sales and Loyalty: Studies show that BNPL can increase conversion rates, average order value, and customer loyalty by up to 20%. 
  • Your Brand Takes Center Stage: Riverty champions your brand's identity, ensuring a singular focus on your customer experience without the distractions of a multi-brand platform. 
  • Industry-Leading App: Benefit from Riverty's 4.8-star rated consumer app, lauded for its user-friendly design and functionality. 
  • Financial Risk Management: Riverty shoulders all financial risks associated with BNPL transactions, giving you peace of mind. 
  • Trusted by Thousands: Join over 6,000 online stores and 26 million consumers who trust Riverty for secure and convenient payments. 
  • European Expertise: Leverage Riverty's decades of experience in the European financial sector. 
  • Backed by a Leader: Enjoy the stability and security of a company backed by Bertelsmann, a renowned international media and services group. 
"We are thrilled to welcome Riverty as a Shopware Gold Partner. Their commitment to customer-centric solutions that put merchants’ brands center stage and boost webshop performance, aligns perfectly with our vision for the Shopware platform. We believe this partnership will be instrumental in providing Shopware merchants with the tools they need to enhance their customers’ shopping and payment experience, driving more growth."
Stefan Hamann, Co-CEO and founder of Shopware

Stefan Hamann

Co-CEO and founder of Shopware

Ready to unlock the power of BNPL? 

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! By integrating Riverty with your Shopware store, you can unlock a range of benefits that will help you grow your business and delight your customers.  

Take the first step towards a thriving business today!