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Beyond payments: Riverty and Computop set new standards

Riverty and Computop are working together to create genuine added value for retailers.

The result: a comprehensive solution for accounting and payment processing.

Dec 13, 2023 5 min
partnership Computop & Riverty

Provide an all-inclusive package to help the retailer as much as possible

That’s the goal of Heiko Bolte, Senior Partner Manager at Riverty, and Stefan Grieger, Senior Partner Relationship Manager at Computop.  

Computop is Riverty’s first payment partner that has integrated both an interface for Riverty’s Buy Now, Pay Later option into its payment platform and, most recently, Accounting as a Service.

“Our partnership goes far beyond simple integration,” explains Heiko Bolte. Together with Stefan Grieger at Computop, he has been creating a bond based on shared interests and quality standards since 2018.

More than just an interface

 As a voice for retailers, Heiko Bolte and Stefan Grieger work closely together to find fast solutions. Both companies are investing in the development of their systems in order to continue to offer added value to retailers and their end customers. This systematic expansion makes it possible to adapt the common interface to the needs of individual retailers and to include tailor-made offers.

Creating benefits for retailers

Retailers also benefit from lower costs. Payment methods are implemented faster. This leads to more streamlined product delivery and increased revenues. For retailers who use Paygate by Computop, this opens up the possibility to activate the Accounting as a Service product through Computop.

Always there for you: Accounting as a Service 

The Accounting as a Service solution from Riverty in partnership with Computop offers retailers significant added value. It simplifies complex accounting processes and boosts efficiency - from reconciling invoice files to processing transactions. "This is an area that many retailers underestimate," says Heiko Bolte from experience.

"It's not just the technical aspects that are important, but also the process and organizational issues, where experience is crucial."


 Things like credit notes and reminders, for example, need to be recorded accurately.  

Imagine the challenges with this example:
Credit card payments are essentially a promise to pay from another company, not the customer. The accounting department needs to record the incoming payment on the customer's account, while at the same time creating a claim with the credit card company. If there is a discrepancy, corrections need to be made - which costs time and money. It is a service that an experienced company like Riverty can provide to record and manage this complex situation.

"With AaaS, the individual transactions can be processed automatically, so that the accounting department only has to enter the consolidated amounts in the general ledger. Another advantage is that the amounts are protected by certificates, which is ideal for tax audits," adds Heiko Bolte.

 Enduring innovation  

Computop provides additional convenience in the area of payment methods. By implementing a single API, the retailer gains access to a consistent structure, regardless of the chosen payment method. Grieger emphasizes:  

“Combined with Accounting as a Service, this uniform structure delivers clear added value. It reduces complexity and allows the retailer to rely on a cleverly designed system, regardless of the specific requirements of individual payment methods.”


Together, Riverty and Computop seamlessly integrate the BNPL payment method and ensure accounting remains efficient down the line. The focus on retailers, ongoing interface development and the shared approach to challenges make the partnership a model of success that will endure for years to come – for both companies and their customers.

Heiko Bolte, Riverty

About Heiko Bolte

Heiko Bolte has been Senior Partner Manager at Riverty since early 2023. His responsibilites include supporting agencies with partnerships, as well as Riverty’s payment and technology partnerships. He has more than 20 years of experience in the payment sector.

Stefan Grieger, Computop

About Stefan Grieger

Stefan Grieger has been Senior Partner Relationship Manager at Computop since 2015. He is responsible for managing financial partners including Riverty. He has more than 25 years of experience in payments and previously spent many years in payments at a major mail-order company and as Key Account Manager for EOS Payment Solutions.

Computop Paygate

About Computop Paygate

Computop Paygate is a PCI-certified payment platform that can be integrated into the most important shop systems and connected to any accounting/ERP system. The uniform interface for 350 payment methods worldwide reduces complexity and implementation effort for customers.

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