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infoscore austria becomes Riverty

Since its foundation 27 years ago, infoscore austria gmbh has established itself as the market leader in the Austrian debt collection market. Now, Bertelsmann's financial services provider is expanding in Austria under the new brand name Riverty. With new consumer-friendly financial products which put people at the center, Riverty will lead the way in an increasingly complex financial world.

Vienna, Oct 4, 2023
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Under the new name "Riverty Services Austria GmbH", the company plans to substantially impact Austria's payments industry and make financial transactions a driving force for fair, inclusive and sustainable growth. "On the brand's one-year anniversary, I am now excited to usher in the next era of human centric payment products  in Austria," announces Jan Altersten, CEO of Riverty. "This is an important milestone in our global development and underlines the successes we have already achieved in other countries with our chosen path," Altersten continues. The focus of this transformation is on people, their individual financial situation and their needs. Riverty is focusing on products in the areas of payment, accounting and receivables management that are easily accessible for both consumers and enterprises.

Riverty - a combination of River and Liberty - symbolizes a naturally managed financial flow that gives all participants the freedom to manage payments seamlessly and create financial equilibrium even in difficult situations.

Riverty is thus also the answer to an increasingly complex financial world. "With Riverty, we accompany people and their financial transactions even when they have lost their financial balance. With simple, flexible payment options, we support conscious consumption. In addition, we provide financial education with the "Riverty Financial Academy", explains Thomas Augustin, Riverty Country Lead in Austria, the new orientation on the Austrian market.

The change of name from infoscore austria gmbh to Riverty marks a significant step towards a more modern and inclusive financial landscape in Austria. Riverty's products create an outstanding payment experience for consumers increasing customer loyalty for businesses and fueling sustainable economic growth.

About Riverty

With more than 4,000 employees, 26 million customers and over 80 million payments, we are one of the big FinTechs. Even though we love numbers, we don't want to be measured by numbers only. Why?

We want to help build a world where business meets the needs of humanity. Where financial technology makes a difference. Where everyone is in control of their own financial story. At Riverty, we’re building it, together. Our teams in 12 countries are always looking for smart, simple, seamlessly connected ways to manage people’s money. From flexible payments to accounting and debt collection, our holistic solutions empower everyone to live their best financial lives. It’s time to enter a new era of economic freedom.

Kristina Hunter Nilsson

Corporate Communication / Press Contact