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Riverty: Changing perspectives on financial solutions

This is Riverty. Offering smart financial solutions and products that help you enter a new era of financial freedom.

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Changing perspectives on financial solutions

At Riverty, we turn financial services into a sustainable force for everyone’s growth. This is a new and conscious way of looking at financial services. That means we always put people and their needs at the forefront, enabling financial freedom for everyone.

We’re finding smarter, simpler, seamlessly connected ways to manage your financials. From flexible payments to smarter accounting and fair debt collection, our holistic solutions empower everyone to live their best financial lives.


It’s time to enter a new era of economic freedom

Offering financial solutions, helping you create the next.

Riverty - The brand where we bundle our strengths and experience

The new brand includes Arvato Financial Solutions with its strong track record in accounting solutions and international collections, Paigo with its fair debt collection strategy and market approach, and our leading BNPL offering AfterPay.

Possibilities arise when you look at things differently

Financial needs, patterns and worries of consumers are our starting point for innovation. We combine technology, data, and process optimization to create the next generation of financial products driving sustainable business ahead.

Offering payments, accounting and debt collection products, we support our customers along the full transactional cycle whilst keeping their consumers at the core every step of the way.

Everything we do starts with you

CEO Jan Altersten about Riverty.

A world where business meets the needs of humanity. Where financial technology makes a difference. Where everyone is in control of their own financial story. At Riverty, we’re building it, together with you!

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When you look at things differently, nothing is ever quite what it seems. Because when you focus on the bigger picture, you will find new things in the details.

That’s why we always keep changing our perspective. To discover possibilities and new opportunities. Together with you.

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