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Other invoice or payment

Do you have questions about an invoice or a debt collection notice?
Check out our FAQ or contact us. 

FAQ other invoice or payment

How do I pay?

There is a payment slip attached to the sent invoice or reminder. This can be used for the payment. Alternatively, you can use the FIK code found on the payment card.

I have paid - why have I recieved a reminder?

If you have received a reminder but have already paid, please send a receipt of the payment to:

What is a payment due date?

It's the final date when the payment should be made. 

What happens if I don't pay?

If Riverty Denmark A/S does not receive the payment 10 days after the due date, a reminder will be sent and the account will be charged a reminder fee.
In case of continued non-payment, debt collection will be notified and subsequently the invoice will be sent to our debt collection department for recovery. An additional fee and collection costs will thereby be imposed.

Will I be registered in RKI?

You will not be registered in RKI during our reminder procedure. However, RKI will be assessed if the invoice is sent to debt collection.

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We have a dedicated portal for the service you are using. Go to the portal to get an overview of your invoices, check invoice details or pay.