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Free-flow parking: A profitable and efficient solution for your parking business

After working with innovative tech and payment solutions for parking for many years, I'm always looking for exciting new ways to improve the parking experience for operators and customers alike. Free-flow parking was an absolute game-changer when it entered the Norwegian market in 2017, and it continues to expand and provide parking operators across the world with business growth and opportunities.

Fredrik Larsen Jun 20, 2023 4 min
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So what is free-flow parking, and how can it be beneficial to you and your customers 

Free-flow parking utilises ANPR technology. ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It's a technology that allows a camera to read vehicle registration plates, capture an image and translate it into text data. This innovation is a huge leap forward for parking lots, garages and facilities of all shapes and sizes.


With free-flow parking, there's no need for paper tickets or manual entry and exit logs. Everything is automated. This speeds up the entry and exit process and reduces congestion.


You might be asking yourself how Free-flow parking can improve profitability for a parking operator like yourself? The answer is simple: Efficiency and ease of use.

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How free-flow parking will make your business more profitable

In my work with parking operators in the Nordics I've experienced first-hand how free-flow parking not only enhances accessibility and thereby increases the number of visitors, but also reduces maintenance costs by getting rid of the barriers. Free-flow parking can also open the door to more sophisticated pricing models.  

With the right payment partner, you can get a more predictable cash flow and improve your revenues – read more about how we do this on our Free-flow Payments product page.


Checklist: 3 steps to get you started with free-flow parking

  1. Research: Start by researching available technology and providers. Look for reliable vendors specialising in ANPR technology and free-flow parking.
  2. Communicate your needs clearly: Discuss specific requirements and budgets with the potential partners. Spend time on finding the right mix of partners for technology, payment and facility management. Choose the partners that align best with your needs. 
  3. Planning and installation: Work with your chosen partners to plan the installation and integration, and ensure a smooth transition to free-flow parking. Plan for the future and dare to choose a new technology and more flexibility for your consumers. I've seen so many examples of how investing in modern facilities and technology is beneficial for occupancy rates and profitability.

Free-flow parking in a nutshell!

And there you have it – Free-flow parking in a nutshell! It's a revolutionary technology that can boost your profits, improve your operations, and enhance the customer experience.

Feel free to dive deeper into this topic: Do your research, and who knows, free-flow parking might just be the next big thing for your parking business! If it turns out to be for you, tune in next week, when l dive into the technology needed for a free-flow parking facility. 

Discover how Riverty's Free-flow Payments secure cashflow and reduce operational costs for parking operators.

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