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Arvato Financial Solutions becomes Riverty

Arvato Financial Solutions becomes Riverty. The company aims to be a thought leader in the FinTech world using financial technologies, data and process optimizations to promote sustainable growth for its clients and make a positive contribution to sustainable economic activity.

kesäk. 22, 2022
Arvato Financial Solutions becomes Riverty

Putting people and their needs at the heart of all activities – that is the core element of the new corporate positioning. Riverty will contribute to a society in which financial transactions promote fair, inclusive, and sustainable growth - and create value where trust and experience are the keys to success.

Simultaneously, Riverty is also a response to new socio-economic developments. Physical and virtual worlds are merging. They are bringing about a profound change that calls for smart and contemporary payment and receivables management solutions facing new challenges of the digitalized VUCA world through resilience and an agile mindset. Together with clients and partners, the Bertelsmann subsidiary is therefore focusing on a development of interlinked ecosystems to promote fair, sustainable growth. "Our transformation is the answer to the challenges and requirement of our time. We want to create the next generation of financial products together with consumers, clients and partners. Holistic thinking, our people-first approach and the belief in interconnected ecosystems are key pillars in achieving this. With Riverty, we are bringing our product lines and their strengths even closer together, operating under one single name from October," says Jan Altersten, CEO of Riverty.

"People-first also includes the most valuable asset we have to be successful in this transformation – our employees. It all starts with enabling a culture that empowers and motivates our people; the ones who are already with us, as well as the ones yet to join. Our innovation-focused teams and products are key to making it fair and simple for both businesses and consumers to stay on top of their finances. We want to promote sustainable economic activity to enable growth and prosperity for future generations," Altersten emphasizes.

Riverty will combine forces within its own structures to leverage synergies. The new brand includes all Arvato Financial Solutions services. This covers accounting solutions and international collections, the Paigo collections brand and the BNPL offering under the brand AfterPay.

About Riverty

With more than 4,000 employees, 26 million customers and over 80 million payments, we are one of the big FinTechs. Even though we love numbers, we don't want to be measured by numbers only. Why?

We want to help build a world where business meets the needs of humanity. Where financial technology makes a difference. Where everyone is in control of their own financial story. At Riverty, we’re building it, together. Our teams in 12 countries are always looking for smart, simple, seamlessly connected ways to manage people’s money. From flexible payments to accounting and debt collection, our holistic solutions empower everyone to live their best financial lives. It’s time to enter a new era of economic freedom.

Kristina Hunter Nilsson

Corporate Communication / Press Contact