Together against sexism and sexual harassment

Arvato Financial Solutions joins the declaration "Together against sexism and sexual harassment" through the signature of CEO Jan Altersten and acknowledges its responsibility as an employer to protect employees from sexism and sexual harassment.

Baden-Baden, mrt. 3, 2022
Together against sexism

The declaration is part of the project "Together against Sexism" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and EAF Berlin as the responsible project sponsor.

The signatories advocate the following points, among others:

  • Promoting a culture and organization in which sexism and sexualized violence against all genders have no place.
  • Intervening against sexist behavior and sexual harassment is a matter of course and a leadership task. Those responsible must be sensitized to this and, if necessary, initiatives must be included.
  • Use clear guidelines for dealing with sexism and sexual harassment.
  • Employees are informed about the prohibition of gender-based discrimination and have the option of approaching a complaints office.

"Sexism and sexual harassment must have no place in the workplace or in private life. By signing the declaration "Together against sexism and sexual harassment", I confirm my position that incidents of this kind must be prevented and that we also bear responsibility for this as an employer. Together with the other signatories, I want to take a stand and counteract sexism against all genders," emphasizes Jan Altersten, CEO of Arvato Financial Solutions.

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