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ChatGPT - all the rage

By now, everyone has heard about it - ChatGPT, the new artificial intelligence that seems to know no boundaries. Or does it?

Lara Brakus Mar 14, 2023 2 min
Cover image exploring the frontiers

Last week, the "Tech & Data Alliance" invited employees from all Bertelsmann companies to a Focus Day to provide information, highlight technical limitations, answer ethical questions and share their own experiences with AI. What a success - over 750 employees took part in the event and contributed to an inspiring exchange with lively participation. Networking next level! Thus, we are able to take on new perspectives and broaden horizons in order to master our everyday tasks the best way possible.


Key Takeaways

👉 ChatGPT is a topic that affects all Bertelsmann divisions and functions.

👉 You can plan a 3-week holiday in France in about an hour.

👉 Building a right chat model only costs about 300 $US.

👉 There are experts at Bertelsmann who can explain how ChatGPT works (it's a combination of tagging in corpora, probability counts, hidden Markov models, tokenised words, transformer models, transfer learning, base and reward models and proximal policy optimisation) 😅

👉 ChatGPT is just the beginning, we are on an exponential curve.

👉 The ethical challenges are also growing exponentially. 😱



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