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Next Stop, Stockholm: Timothy’s Expansive Career Journey

Are traineeships less rewarding and fulfilling than full-time roles? Timothy begs to differ!

From Nigeria to the heart of Europe, Timothy's diverse background and traineeship at Riverty have transformed him into a versatile asset, pivotal in driving Riverty's mission of economic empowerment.

Timothy Oluwatobi Alade | International Product Trainee May 14, 2024 5 min
A picture of Timothy. He has short hair and is wearing a dark green outerwear.
Timothy warmly dressed, standing in front of a 'Westminster Station' sign

Unveiling My Story

I'm Timothy, an International Product Trainee at Riverty's Verl office.


Originally, I am from Nigeria, where I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, before moving to Germany. Here, I pursued my second Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with Informatics. Before joining Riverty in May 2023, I gained experience working with several well-known German companies in the product and tech fields, which helped me develop the expertise I bring to my current role.

In my free time, I enjoy working out in the gym and watching football. Liverpool is my favourite team. As for languages, I am a native Yoruba speaker, fluent in English, and have intermediate proficiency in German.  

A group photo of Timothy with two of his colleagues from Stockholm

My Contributions to Transforming the Financial Landscape

As an International Product Trainee, my day-to-day activities are never the same. Every few months, I'm assigned to different teams to support them with their tasks. This allows me to meet and work with a variety of colleagues across different departments, take on diverse responsibilities, and both hone my existing skills and develop new ones. For instance, I have worked on:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR),
  • Developer’s portal,
  • The new Business Unit (BU) Riverty Hub,
  • and Riverty Back in Flow (RBIF) Application Programming Interface (API) documentation

From October to December 2023, my rotation took place in chilly Stockholm, Sweden, where I worked with the Product Operations team. Despite being a small team of three, we worked closely and synergized well. Even when tackling individual projects, we consistently regrouped to ensure smooth alignment and collective success.  

An outdoor group picture of Timothy and 17 other Riverty employees

Cultural Differences in Sweden vs Germany

Sweden versus Germany? They are like night and day.

I considered myself quite active until I hit the streets of Stockholm. The culture of fitness there is incredibly pronounced — I've never seen so many joggers in my life! Additionally, the Swedish climate adds a unique layer to the cultural experience. (It was a unique experience but I definitely don't miss the cold!)

Despite the chill, the linguistic proficiency in English among Swedes is not only impressive but also contributes to a feeling of warm welcome.

Timothy and 13 other trainees gathered in Riverty's Berlin office

From Stockholm to Daily Workflow

My time in Stockholm was profoundly transformative, serving as a masterclass in enhancing my communication skills. This opportunity was possible particularly as I collaborated with a diverse range of stakeholders to launch the new BU Riverty Hub. I also developed substantial expertise in product strategy, hypothesis formulation, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and stakeholder management.

These skills have equipped me with a comprehensive toolkit that I now apply in my daily work life. This learning experience has turned me into what I might call a 'Swiss Army knife' of workplace skills.

Timothy with his arms folded

Stockholm Highlights that Shaped Me

One outstanding memory from my time in Stockholm is connecting with exceptional colleagues and individuals who profoundly influenced my life beyond the workplace. Whether it was over coffee or during after-work gatherings, these interactions left an indelible mark on me. It was more than just a traineeship rotation in Stockholm; it was a chapter enriched by colleagues who significantly shaped my journey.  

Did Timothy’s Story Inspire You?

Here’s a pro-tip from him if you’re looking to do a traineeship:


  Be humble, keep learning, strive to be the better version of yourself.  

What is a Traineeship?

Do you already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? If so, Riverty’s international trainee program acts as a pathfinder for fresh graduates like yourself! Whether it may be the IT, Finance, P&C, or Business & Operations field, you will be exposed to a variety of tasks, countless networking opportunities, and individual development opportunities throughout this 18-month traineeship.