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From Health Sciences to FinTech – Thelma's Unlikely Riverty Journey

When one thinks of jobs in 'FinTech,' experience in finance or technology often comes to mind. However, that's not always the case.

Take Thelma, for example.

Now in her second year at Riverty, she works part-time as a Customer Handler while pursuing her studies, proving the diverse opportunities available in the FinTech world, beyond traditional expectations.

Thelma Koskinen | Part-Time Customer Handler | Apr 15, 2024 6 min
A picture of Thelma outdoors. She has dark wavy hairs and is wearing sunglasses here.
Thelma in an indoor badminton court, about to hit the shuttlecock.

Finding my Footing in the World of FinTech

I had never worked for a FinTech company before.


This changed a few years ago, during the first year of my Health Sciences Bachelor's studies, when I was searching for a summer job. I chanced upon Riverty (then known as Arvato Financial Solutions) on a job-search website. As someone who loves helping people, enjoys working with numbers and solving problems, and has experience in customer service across various sectors (wellness clubs, gyms and cafés), I applied for an open position as a Customer Handler. One thing led to another, and in May 2022, I started full-time at Riverty's Turku office. During the semester period, I switch to part-time.

I have no problem assisting customers in Finnish or English, and although my command of Swedish is good, I prefer to forward technical calls to my colleague. Outside work and study hours, I'm likely at a badminton court. Although I enjoy all kinds of sports, badminton holds a special place in heart; it’s a sport I train for and compete in at a semi-professional level. Additionally, I am part of Young Leaders in Barents (YLIB), a community of young talents in sports leadership in the Barents region.  

Navigating Customers Towards Economic Freedom

As a Customer Handler, no two days are identical, but the goal remains the same – to help customers as much as possible. My responsibilities extend beyond answering queries by phone, email, and chat to include back-office tasks, various contacts based on the day's needs, and meetings with both large and small teams. The diversity of my daily tasks keeps the work engaging and allows me to make a tangible difference in our customers' lives.

I consider it an achievement when I can help a customer overcome a financial challenge or a difficult issue, leaving them feeling satisfied. For example, I create payment plans for customers' open invoices and answer their questions about invoice collection. Often, customers realise during our conversations that solutions are within reach, and it's not as daunting as it might seem initially. There's a particular joy in receiving positive feedback or ending a call with a happy customer.

Thelma standing in front of Riverty's sign

Bye Bye Stereotypes

“lack of growth”
"high stress”
"monotonous job”


Due to the common stereotypes, the path of pursuing a career in customer service is often less travelled. Stereotypes of the debt collection sector are often linked to challenging customer interactions and the demanding nature of the work. However, I have found my time in Riverty to be hugely educational and enjoyable. Support and guidance from my colleagues have definitely been a great help in facing difficult tasks or days, for which I'm very thankful. Sometimes the days are challenging, but as someone who doesn’t like boring and uninspiring jobs, I embrace these challenges and see them as opportunities to grow. This a job that challenges you in just the right way and gives you a real perspective on society.

Thelma seated at her desk with 'Riverty' displayed on the computer screen.

The Balance Between Studies and Work

Currently juggling full-time studies with my part-time role at Riverty, I'm grateful for the flexibility Riverty offers. This has enabled me to gain invaluable work experience while progressing in my studies. Looking ahead, I aim to complete my Master's degree within the next two years and aspire to advance my career.  

My Advice to You

Remember, there are countless routes to your goals, and sometimes the right one may be just around the corner.  
A picture of Thelma and her colleague working at their deck in the office

Embracing the Future with Riverty

As I continue my journey at Riverty, I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

For anyone seeking a path that offers growth, challenges, and support, Riverty could very well be your destination. Instead of fitting into a pre-defined role, individuals like me get to carve a path that reflects our strengths and passions, backed by a culture of support and empowerment.

Are you ready to carve out your own unique path?

If you're someone like Thelma who likes to solve problems and to communicate with customers at eye level - join us. Be part of a culture that empowers you to shape everyone's financial future.