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Antonina’s Story: From Spontaneity to Success

What started as a spontaneous application turned into a journey of growth.

Fourteen years ago, the interview left Antonina with a deep feeling of wanting to be part of the business. And guess what? To this day, that feeling still lingers.

Antonina Korobko | Team Lead Operations Collection Jun 17, 2024 6 min
Antonina standing in front of her laptop in a meeting room. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail

A Path of Progress and Leadership

In 2010, I started as a clerk in Receivables Management at Gothia Deutschland GmbH.


Following the merger into Arvato infoscore GmbH a few years later, I had the opportunity to train our employees in enforcement. This marked the beginning of my journey to my current role as Team Lead Operations Collection. Since 2017, I have been the team leader of the Mainz site.  

Challenges = Growth

Team leadership roles blend everyday tasks with new hurdles, presenting constant challenges and opportunities for growth. One challenge I'm currently tackling is improving performance in processing and minimizing unnecessary effort. This diversity of work and the cross-location collaboration with colleagues are what excite me about my workday.  

From Many to One

I am proud to be a part of Riverty every day, but there was a special moment with the ‘EID Ein Inkasso Deutschland’ project that stood out. That was when our growth and size were truly recognized. Previously, I had focused more on my team or location, but this project made it clear how all the locations merged together. It felt like the many pieces from different locations came together to form one big team.  

Antonina and her colleague sitting on a Riverty beanbag

In Sync and in Success

I view my team as my work family. We treat each other fairly, politely, and kindly, always offering help and support. This is important because spending 40 hours a week together, maintaining harmony and cohesion is crucial for ensuring joy and productivity in our work and workplace.

Antonina and her colleague standing next to a Riverty beanbag

Opportunities Without Boundaries

Having worked in several companies prior to this, I can confidently say that Riverty excels in providing equal opportunities for growth. Even if you come from a different industry, you can thrive at Riverty if you have the will to do so. The opportunity to develop into different areas within Riverty is abundant; for example, a clerk could progress into quality control, and these opportunities extend beyond Germany.  

My Advice to You

You have to be interested and passionate about the work you do. Interest drives passion, and with passion, you become receptive to new opportunities.  

Whether a spontaneous or planned application,

Riverty is always ready to receive your application. If you are up for an environment of growth and challenges that shapes the financial landscape, what are you waiting for?