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Thomas Skjonhaug: The Secret Power of Conways Law

Lara Brakus Mar 13, 2023 2 min
Thomas Skjonhaug

Faces behind the organisation

Riverty – a FinTech. But what exactly are we doing to transform the company? Who is driving the transformation initiative and how do they feel? We got curious and talked to Thomas Skjonhaug, Enterprise Architect in Oslo, Norway. Listen yourself and get more detailed insights! 

My role at Riverty

I am employed at Riverty as an enterprise architect. I know that term might be unfamiliar, but I like to describe my job by the following quote: “Go out and knock on doors”. I basically am trying to make sense of a complex environment in terms of systems, applications, information and business, so called “BIAS”.

My key learnings

Referring to the quote, one can say, that I am connected to the company through knocking on doors. It is all about the people. By reaching out to the team members I got to understand and learn a lot: the individual roles, the team structure, the way of working.

As you may have sensed already, in my position you must be able to self-manage. I am really grateful that I am given the responsibility to do my job without anybody following me up closely. I benefit from the flexibility and empowerment given by the company, which adds up to my creativity and confidence. Here I have to mention, that I truly value the option to work from home – commuting to work every day goes along with loss in terms of time and energy, especially, as we are an international company and my co-workers work at different locations all over the world.

My intentions for the future

I would like to make use of all the freedoms and opportunities given and establish a few things such as a more modern architecture, more microservices, more transactions in these services or more data-driven decision making. I want everybody to have the same and clear understanding of our tech landscape. As a specific example: We invest heavily in our cloud services, and we are actively working to maximize its utilization for transactions. So I would like to see us using the native features of the cloud for our business advantage. And I also see Riverty being more united in the future in the sense of everybody across our many different legal entities, being part of the Riverty mission to become an agile and fast-acting Fintech. It is a journey still, but I love being part of it!


Working in Tech at Riverty

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