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Embarking on a Transformative Fintech Journey: Gökçen's Career at Riverty

Meet Gökçen, one of Riverty’s passionate Team Lead. From Turkey to Tallinn, she embodies fintech innovation and team empowerment, transforming payment gateways with her pioneering spirit. Discover a career where your ideas come to life and shape the future of sustainable economic growth at Riverty.

Gökçen Özder Öcal | Team Lead & Senior Software Engineer | Dec 11, 2023 4 min
Profile photo of Gökçen, a woman with dark hairs and a pair of glasses
From Software Engineer to Team Lead: My Growth Story at Riverty 

Four years ago, I joined Riverty, embarking on a journey that would redefine my career and passion for fintech. I'm Gökçen Özder Öcal, a Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer at Riverty, where every day is a new opportunity to innovate and empower. 

I moved from Turkey to Estonia, bringing my expertise in software development to Riverty. My journey from a Software Engineer to a Team Lead at PayNext/PayGate and Atlas is a testament to Riverty's belief in its employees. We're not just a team; we're innovators shaping the future of fintech. 

Innovating Fintech: The Success of Riverty's PayGate Project 

One of my most exciting projects at Riverty is the groundbreaking PayGate project, a concept born from my vision a year ago. This initiative embodies a transformative approach to payment gateways and reflects Riverty's commitment to turning visionary ideas into reality. The success of this project showcases our team's collaborative spirit and innovative mindset. 

Leading the PayNext/PayGate team, I spearheaded a metamorphosis in our work methodology. We transitioned into an Empowered Product team, and doing Pair Programming. This change has not only boosted our team's efficiency but also their passion and ownership of projects, from inception to production. As a result, our team's knowledge has significantly deepened, contributing to a heightened level of maturity. 

Inspiring Work Culture: The Empowered Product Team at Riverty 

Riverty's culture of inclusivity and empowerment makes it unique. We're encouraged to take risks, think outside the box, and drive change. In five years, I see myself continuing to inspire and lead at Riverty, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the fintech industry. 

More Than a Job: Being Part of Riverty's Empowering Community 

To me, working at Riverty is more than just a job; it's being part of a community that supports, challenges, and grows together. It's about making a real difference in the fintech world and seeing your work impact lives globally. 

Join us at Riverty, where your passion meets our shared commitment: to create human-centric solutions which enable, complete and repeat seamless financial transactions in everyday life. 

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